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Our Coffee Mills

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  Rocky Mountain is developing a network of modern coffee mills strategically located in the main Arabica coffee producing regions of the Philippines. Our coffee mills are using eco-friendly wet coffee processing technologies that produce quality green beans and protect the environment.
The ecological pulper receives the red, ripe coffee cherries and mechanically removes the pulp without the need for water. The equipment is capable of depulping 300 kilos of coffee cherries per hour. The by-product is coffee pulp, which is collected and recycled into organic compost. And this compost is in turn used to prepare potting mix to plant new coffee trees.
The double-tank coffee washer, made of food-grade stainless steel, receives the coffee and washes the beans re-using the same water 10 times using a close circuit pump system. As a result, this ecological washer requires only 1 m3 of water per day instead of 10 m3. Recirculation of water in the washing process drastically reduces the amount of water needed in milling.
Mechanical Drier
The wet parchment is then sun dried for one or two days to enhance bean quality and hasten drying. The semi-dried parchment coffee is then loaded into our mechanical dryer where the beans are dried to achieve a 9-13% moisture content. The high efficiency ecological dryer has three layers for the drying of parchment coffee. Our dryer uses a direct drive blower that can dry 240 kilos of parchment coffee every 8 hours or 720kg on a full day basis. The dryer uses LPG gas that is combusted at 100%, which generates zero air emission, hence protecting air quality and keeping the environment pollution-free.

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